Hercules Mulligan

Stand for Something

The Secrets Revealed

Named for the little known tailor, spy, and hero of the American Revolution, who changed history and secured freedom for all, Hercules Mulligan is based on a unique recipe from the period. It’s what Mulligan, the man, stood for, and it’s what this Rum & Rye blend embodies. A spirit of independence.

Simple in its nature - Rum, Rye Whiskey, Ginger & Bitters - yet utterly complex and delightful, this unique composition tickles the nose and loosens the lips.

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“This liquid courage could fuel a revolution, but only if you dare… dare to stand for something!”

What Makes a Hero?

The Balance

A unique recipe from the era of revolution and self-determination, custom-tailored for the modern independent thinker. Perfectly balanced Caribbean Aged Rum & American Rye Whiskey create an equilibrium of duality - a secret to be (re)discovered.

The Unique Character

The Rum & Rye blend is combined with macerated, fresh organic ginger - not artificial flavors. And it’s the essence of this magical root, that gives the blend a kick and builds its distinctive character.

The Audacity Favored by Fortune

The potion is finished with a dash of bespoke bitters that add that extra flavor. No fakery, only honest-to-God ingredients that capture the essence of a bittersweet life.

Hercules Mulligan


Category Rum & Rye
Origin The US &
the Caribbean
No. of spirits in blend 6
Hero ingredients Rum, American Rye Whiskeys, tailor-made bitters, fresh ginger
Alcohol 43% ABV
No. of bottles 2,000
Volume 750 ml
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Confidential Information

Please enter the year of the U.S. Independence to get access to the detailed Hercules Mulligan recipe. Need help? Click here.

“The Greatest Secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”
The Hercules Mulligan
detailed recipe

50% Rum (3 Caribbean Rums from Jamaica and Guyana)

50% Rye (3 Rye Whiskeys, one NY grown)

Tailor-made bitters (created for this blend only)

Fresh organic ginger (from Brooklyn)

Special treatment: Hand blended, hand bottled, hand sealed, hand labeled

How to relish it

On the rocks

Quality is etched in Hercules Mulligan’s DNA, with its carefully picked ingredients, making it a ready-made Old Fashioned. The best way to savor its flavors is sipping it on the rocks. Simplicity for the win.

On the rocks

Colonial Courage

To prepare this colonial liquid courage mix 2 ounces Hercules Mulligan with 5 ounces hard apple cider (preferably fresh-pressed) in a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a mint sprig, a lemon peel or freshly grated nutmeg.

Colonial Courage


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and its name is Highball. Put 2 ounces of Hercules Mulligan and 4 ounces of Club Soda in a Collins glass filled with ice cubes. The Brits have it without ice, but you know what Hercules would say.



Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

The Foe’s Fashioner

Hercules Mulligan, an Irish immigrant who ran his sartorial …

Hercules Mulligan, an Irish immigrant who ran his sartorial business at 23 Queen Street in Lower Manhattan. His most frequent customers were British officers who trusted his friendly and talkative demeanor, plus our Agent Double-Oh-Needle offered them the finest Spirits that loosened their tongues and revealed many a secret.

Friend of Founding Fathers

Alexander Hamilton joined the revolutionary cause due to…

Alexander Hamilton joined the revolutionary cause due to Mulligan’s inspiring patriotism. The Founding Father stayed at the tailor’s home when he moved to New York to pursue education and spent many evenings talking about the state of the colonies.

Future President’s Guardian Angel

Hercules saved George Washington’s life on two occasions through highly…

Hercules saved George Washington’s life on two occasions through highly classified information careless British officers spilled as their measures were being taken. King’s men wanted to capture Washington and get rid of him, but precious intelligence saved his skin.

Official Tailor to POTUS

When the Revolutionary War ended, general George Washington made…

When the Revolutionary War ended, general George Washington made Hercules Mulligan his official clothier to dispel all suspicious rumors that Hercules is pro-British. Even when he became the first U.S. President, Washington continued to use the tailor's services. Talk about bling in the West Wing.

“Those who stand for nothing, will say anything.”
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