Hercules Mulligan

Eyr & Rye

The RTD revolution continues with a delectable ready-made Irish-American Manhattan—a union of three Ryes and two Irish Whiskeys.

How to Form a Union?

The Alliance

There’s strength in numbers, and the recipe for HM’s second act unites three American Rye Whiskeys and two Irish Whiskeys into a formidable ready-made Irish-American Manhattan.

The Depth

The five-fold union is enhanced with a duo of cherry and aromatic bitters, giving the already glorious blend deeper herbal and sweet notes. Everyone loves a complex hero.

The Cherry On Top

The sweet secret of this potion is the cherry—the hue, the additional layer of flavors, and the memorable finish all come from her. Sometimes, life is like a bowl of cherries.

Hercules Mulligan Eyr & Rye


Category Eyr & Rye
Origin Ireland and the US
No. of spirits in blend 5
Hero ingredients American Rye Whiskeys, Irish Whiskeys, Cherry Bitters, Aromatic Bitters, A splash of cherry juice
Alcohol 43% ABV
No. of bottles 2,000
Volume 750 ml