Hercules Mulligan

Rum & Rye

It all started with the original HM—the blockbuster ready-to-drink Old Fashioned. Taste the history. Join the revolution.

What Makes a Hero?

The Balance

A unique recipe from the era of revolution and self-determination, custom-tailored for the modern independent thinker. Perfectly balanced Caribbean Aged Rum & American Rye Whiskey create an equilibrium of duality - a secret to be (re)discovered.

The Unique Character

The Rum & Rye blend is combined with macerated, fresh organic ginger - not artificial flavors. And it’s the essence of this magical root, that gives the blend a kick and builds its distinctive character.

The Audacity Favored by Fortune

The potion is finished with a dash of bespoke bitters that add that extra flavor. No fakery, only honest-to-God ingredients that capture the essence of a bittersweet life.

Hercules Mulligan


Category Rum & Rye
Origin The US &
the Caribbean
No. of spirits in blend 6
Hero ingredients Rum, American Rye Whiskeys, tailor-made bitters, fresh ginger
Alcohol 43% ABV
No. of bottles 2,000
Volume 750 ml