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After the first campaign's success, Hercules Mulligan is advancing to new victories—and you could own them. Enlist as a brand shareholder and help co-create the future of Spirits.

Hercules Mulligan: A True Revolutionary Drink

Inspired by the famous tailor spy of the American Revolution, this is a revolutionary blend of Caribbean Rum, American Rye Whiskey, fresh organic ginger, and tailor-made bitters.

It's a bottled Old-Fashioned that brings the craft cocktail bar experience home along with an exceptional ease of use.

Co-developed by one of the world's biggest Spirits lover community, Flaviar, it's already proven to be a crowd favorite!


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The brand has already generated over 10,000+ bottle sales with an incredible 22% repurchase rate (compared to 7.5% Flaviar average.)

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The brand is run by seasoned team of the Spirits and entrepreneurial industry experts, from Craft to big brands.

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Featured in the immensely popular musical Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan has the star power to stand out of the ready-to-drink crowd.

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Our troops are eager to claim a huge chunk of this $3.5B+ opportunity. We have the advantage, the resources, and the means that otherwise take years to build.

Established Flaviar Brand

We're part of one of the world's biggest Spirits communities. We can rely on our own data, users, and distribution system to build a world-scale brand.

Proven Battle Results

More than 18,000 bottles have already been sold with an outstanding 22% repurchase rate, compared to the 7.5% Flaviar average.

Winning Distribution

The distribution through Flaviar is already established and ready to scale. Hercules Mulligan is already available in 30+ US states.

An Army of Vets

The brand is run by a seasoned team of Spirits and entrepreneurial industry experts, from Craft to big brands. We know how to spot a great trend early on and scale it worldwide.

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Hercules Mulligan is working on the next battle tactics, so we're not raising funds at the moment. However, you can leave your email to secure an early spot and better terms when we do so.